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Spiritual Care

We provide quality care in our communities for people who will benefit from health and residential services for the aging, guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Care at Bethel Home & Services

Bethel Home & Services is a Social Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).  We recognize the importance of spirituality in daily life and in the overall well-being of our residents.  Since Bethel Home & Service’s beginning in 1955, it has been our mission to provide comprehensive faith-based interdenominational spiritual care.  We’ve continually refined our approaches and raised expectations of what it means to provide quality care, yet we’ve never wavered from our mission to offer compassionate, Christian care through faith and service, guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We accomplish this by having a Chaplain on staff, and by working cooperatively with local pastors and lay people from the supportive area churches who represent various denominations.  Pastor Trever Skrede is our Chaplain and is available to those looking for comfort and compassion, regardless of their faith. We are respectful to the wishes of residents who prefer not to participate in faith-based activities and are also ready to serve those in need of counseling and prayer.

We believe the healing process is not only physical, it’s also emotional and spiritual.  All of these come together to help people heal or find comfort in difficult situations. The chaplaincy program is one of the services that sets us apart from many other facilities where it is not available.   

At the end of the day, our organization exists to honor God by enriching the lives of all those touched by or involved in our ministry.

The following is a list of programs available to residents, family members, caregivers, and employees at Bethel Home & Services:

  • Sunday Worship Services 

  • Weekly Bible Studies

  • Communion Services

  • Catholic Mass Once per Month

  • Hymn Sing

  • Golden Age Gospel Hour

  • Special Music

  • Memorial Services

  • Personal Consultation/Prayer Support

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